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Avoiding Bad Company

by Pastor K. Cunningham

Read It...

Proverbs 1:10-19

The teaching of these verses begins by exposing the peril of the solicitations of evil. This exposing of the peril of evil is an effort to save the pupil from the destruction from evil. It is a warning that must be taken seriously but is too often unheeded, even in our churches. Solomon warns the pupil about the appealing enticements of sin and its results. Sin can look so appealing, but it is so appalling in its effect on the sinner.

(Answer the following questions: )

Open It...

1. What kind of people do you normally keep company with?

2. What do you think the saying "birds of the feather, flock together means?

3. Does it really matter who you hang out or keep company with?

Explore It

4. What is the warning Solomon gives to his pupil? (1:10)

5. What invitations to do evil does sinners give to the pupil who fails to embrace wisdom? (1:11-14)

6.What words does these unbelievers use to entice the pupil? (1:13)

7. What two requirements does Solomon give his pupil to avoid bad company? (1:15)

8. What good reasons does Solomon give to his pupil to avoid bad company? (1:16-19)

Get It...

8. When and why have you been tempted to pursue ill-gotten gain?

9. What warning does 1 Corinthians 15:33 give concerning bad company?

10. Is it possible to live in fear the Lord, follow your parents teachings and keep bad company on a consistent basis without compromising your walk with God? Yes or No, then explain your answer.

11. What are some activities does bad company try to introduce to God-fearing people?

12. Where are some places bad company can be found?

13. What must you do as a God-fearing believer to protect yourself from bad company?

Apply It...

14. What changes in your life-style can you make to avoid being enticed by evil?

15. What advice from Solomon will you begin to put into practice about avoiding bad company? When will you start?

Note It...

You will waste and ruin your life if you keep bad company. Watch out for people and their paths, their practices and their philosophies. Study them well and when you do, one or two things will be exposed and that is, either that person lives for God or they are truly living for the devil. There's no three ways about it!

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