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Fret Not Over Evil Men

Read: Proverbs 24:19-20

By Pastor Keith Cunningham

Solomon commands his readers NOT to get angry, upset, disturbed, or worry about evil men in the world. Evil men have always been up to no good in the world. There is no new thing under the sun. Therefore, believers should not FRET over them. We should not worry about them. We should not be overly concerned about their existence. They have always been with us. We should not allow them to cause us to become overly angry, upset, or disturbed. Naturally, the godly will be concerned about the behavior and the lifestyles of the wicked in the world.

But Solomon’s command is that we not go overboard in our concern. There is a difference between a healthy concern for something and outright worry. There is a difference between being angry at unrighteous deeds, and allowing that anger to control us and move us to do something foolish in retaliation. There is always the danger that we as believers will allow the evil men in the world to get us worked up into a frenzy and to go overboard in our reaction to them. That seems to be the warning here. Righteous indignation is one thing, but that can easily cross the line and become unrighteous indignation.

There really is no reason to worry about WHY evil doers prosper in the world. There is no reason to envy them either—not if they are going to lose all their toys and trinkets forever. We have TRUE riches that last forever. Their candle may shine brightly in this life, but it will soon be snuffed out. Things might seem so bright for them in this life, but nothing but darkness in the life to come. That is not a destiny to be envied. It is to be pitied.

When we get consumed with obeying and enjoying the Lord, we won’t have time to fret about what evil men in the world are doing. Starting today, we need to refocus our lives on the Lord and quit worrying about the wicked in the land. God take care of the enemies of them that trust in Him!

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